Handwoven Scarves

Tencel Scarves and Merino Wool Scarves

Tencel is hypo-allergenic and will not felt when washed. You can wash it in the gentle cycle but I suggest that – to keep it looking it’s best – that you hand wash this scarf, squeeze out the water – do not wring handwovens – and then put it in the dryer for a while – or just hang to dry. I like to give tencel a press before while still a touch wet and it will dry upto feel fresh and light and smooth on the skin…and with Tencel the wrinkles will hang out so no worries when you get a few creases in it.
The fringe has been twisted and knotted to give a beaded look at the ends.


Handwoven Merino Wool scarves in Celestial Blue
Handwoven Merino Wool scarves in Celestial Blue




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Handwoven Merino Wool Scarves in Festival Red

Handwoven Merino Wool Scarves

These scarves are handwoven using the same amazing yarn as the super comfy shawls…. a little piece of heaven wrapped around your neck!   100% Merino Wool hand-dyed in small batches and handwoven in my studio.   They are easy care – just hand wash and squeeze out the water (best to use a no-rinse soak such as Soak or Euculan). Put in the dryer to partially dry on med heat – and hang or lay flat to finish drying.

These scarves are so warm and soft on the skin! They are the perfect accent for any sweater or jacket. One jacket – many scarves – the perfect combination! And best of all they make the perfect gift!  So you can buy one for you…and one for all your friends!


Tencel Scarves in an array of colours…just arrived at Cicle Craft Store on Granville Island and more being woven on the loom at this time.