Organic cotton/linen shawl sante fe turquoise

Turquoise Sante Fe shawl (organic cotton/linen)

Periwinkle shawl (organic cotton/linen)

sunset orange cotolin

Sunset Orange shawl (organic cotton/linen)

Wine multi-coloured shawl (organic cotton/linen)


Handwoven Silk Shawl hand-dyed with natural dyes

Handwoven Silk Shawl (both Peace Silk and cultivated silk) hand-dyed with natural dyes

(not yet posted for sale on etsy -please contact me directly if interested in any of the naturally-dyed silk shawls as well as white and unbleached Silk shawls and scarves.  Thank you)

(photos on the way!)

Peace Silk from the Brahmaputra Valley, India handspun in small quantities.  Hand dyed in natural indigo and handwoven  on a traditional floor loom here in British Columbia Canada.  The 2-ply “Peace Silk” (so named thus since the worms are not killed to harvest the cocoons, but are picked after the silk worms emerge)  blooms beautifully in wet-finishing culminating in a light fabric that is gently warm and very breathable. Very limited edition, Madder red also available.

Handwoven Merino Wool Shawl hand-dyed with natural madder root

Handwoven Merino Wool Shawl hand-dyed with natural madder root


Please contact me directly if interested in a madder red Merino Wool shawl specially handwoven for you.

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Merino Wool Shawl in blue,  purple, green, teal and black.

Merino Wool Shawl in Twilight Teal.

Merino Wool Shawl hand dyed with natural dyes of indigo and logwood purple.

Merino Wool Shawl in red, blue, green and black.

Merino Wool Shawl in Stormy Night Grey. (scarf shown)

These Merino wool shawls are woven using 100% hand dyed Merino Wool – luxurious and soft, and oh so comfortable! Easy care, these shawls can be washed and dried on gentle and low heat. Wear it as a big comfy scarf, or as an elegant shawl for a night out or for your meditation practice as they are ample and comfortable to wrap around the body.