Hand-Dyed Merino Wool Yarn

The Island Time (IT) is a “superwash” Merino Wool that comes in both fingering wt and worsted wt Merino wool.

The fingering wt Island Time is super soft 100% superwash Merino Wool which is steamed to give a pearly sheen and twisted well to give great durability and bounce. The Island Time Merino in worsted wt has a much tighter twist and feels much denser – both have great stitch definition and great shine – the “superwash” dyes up beautifully in rich jewel tones.  This yarn is to easy care for as well.  With knitted items it is best to hand wash and lay flat to dry – for socks you can use the washing machine but hang or lay flat to dry.  Although “superwash” wool can be put in the dryer it is best to do this only for woven items as the looseness of knitted items will compromise their crispness.

Inspired by the rich colours of Canada’s West Coast, the “West Coast Musings”  (WCM) are colourways hand dyed over an open flame using a special technique that has taken years to perfect. This technique is only available on the superwash Merino Wool ( and superwash wool blends) as high heat and much handling is necessary to obtain the WCM colours – and that would felt a “classic” wool. Minerals found in the island well water used for dyeing and rinsing impart an earthy cast to all Indigo Moon Yarns.

This yarn is perfect for knitting, crochet and weaving……great for hats and gloves, sweaters, scarves and  blankets.

Island Time fingering wt Merino Wool:

Island Time worsted wt Merino Wool:


The Studio Edition worsted wt (SEW) Merino is sooooo soft and knits up beautifully! The twist is gentler than the Island Time worsted wt so is a more relaxed and softer yarn…though it too is steamed to give a gentle sheen with minimal pilling.  The colourways are softer which just seems right for this yarn. 🙂  Since it is also superwash like the Island Time it won’t felt and can be cared for as mentioned above.


Natural dyes are very interesting colours.   A certain earthiness runs through all these colours and a subtlety that calms the mind.  In most cases these dyes are light and wash fast. I try to mention this in the description but if I’ve forgotten please feel free to ask! All the yarn listed here is the same yarn base as the Island Time Merino Wool- which is 100% “superwash” Merino Wool and will not felt.  Due to the mordants used to allow the wool to “bite” the dye – or visa versa – the yarn does not feel as soft at first but will soften up with time.  If you are concerned about colour transfer on wooden needles, just use metal ones.

Island Time Naturals (ITN):

In the next while I hope to post the natural dyes I have on silk yarn.  If you are looking for something before then, please feel free to ask.


Tussah Silk Merino Blend:

This gorgeous hand-dyed yarn is a 25/75 blend of Tussah silk and the finest Merino wool. The colourways just shimmer in the light with the silk and wool picking up the dye differently thus making each skein even more unique than usual. The Tussah silk gives a crunchy feel to the yarn while knitting and more body than mulberry silk.

Beautiful drape. 370 yds (at least)
Fingering wt 2.25-3.25mm US3 28sts-32rows/4