Canadian wool natural oatmeal grey

Handwoven Canadian Wool Blankets – dry clean or wash as for wool with a no-rinse wool wash and no agitation. Just soak and then hit spin.  Remove from washer gently as wet wool will stretch.  Lay flat to dry.  No dryer.

merino wool blanket tri-colour and black stripes in twill

Handwoven Superwash Merino Wool scarves, shawls and blankets – dry clean or wash on gentle cycle with no-rinse wool wash, spin and place in dryer gently (as wool may stretch when wet).  Do not over-dry.  Press if desired.

Cotton towels  and cotton yardage  as well as organic cotton/linen towels and fabric . Wash and dry as for cotton and linen.  Press if desired.

Tencel scarves hand wash and squeeze out excess water – hang to dry or use gentle dry cycle – press and then the item will be virtually wrinkle -free!