Lots of computer time today

It was terribly hot today so instead of painting 🙁 I was doing a lot of work on the computer.  Prompted by en email I received earlier today  I took this opportunity to update my “About Indigo Moon” page.  http://indigomoonstudiobc.com/about-the-yarn/   It’s still in flux but for now you can read a bit about the changes – or should I say, the stronger commitment I’ve made in my life…stronger probably isn’t the word…more vocal is probably better.  I’ve kept my convictions pretty much to myself when talking to customers so now… with the revised path I’m on…I’ll start talking about it.

I’ll be using this template for the site for now – I know it is very basic however both myself and visitors  find this a really easy template to work with and easier makes me more willing to write posts too 🙂  Now…if only I could get that etsy plug in to work….I really prefer to work with fibre instead of the computer but….wants and needs aren’t always the same 🙂

mar 17 2014 002

A photo of the last time we had snow – March 2014 …just to cool things off a bit 🙂

In the midst of painting…again

It really is a wonder why I’m not a painter as I really seem to like painting…although it could be the bursitis and tennis elbow…and chemical sensitivities…ok…now I remember why 🙂  Anyway….I had to stop painting the studio half way through but now that the porch roof is finally built I have started painting outside….prompted by the oh so beautiful overcast days Mon and Tues! So here are the colours of the porch….which is now dry so it’ll be perfect for coats and footwear …and a chair for comfort.

This colour is close


or celtic blue here http://media.benjaminmoore.com/WebServices/prod/ColorCardUpdate/USArborcoat/index.html




let’s see if we can find it…

as you;ve no doubt noticed, I am playing with different themes for the site as I don’t quite like any of them!  There’s something not quite right eg the one that was up for a month or so had a big beautiful cover pic but no one could find the menu!  Other concerns are that I don’t have a phne so can’t see how the site shows up…a challenge I’m going to have to figure out as most people use phones instead of laptops for shopping…or so I’m told.   Gotta go…painting the porch and the weather is perfect!!!!