Handwoven Textiles and Hand dyed Knitting Yarns

…mindfully hand-crafted woven textiles and yarn for conscious living

Are you looking for ways of bringing more beauty into your life and home? Have you pondered embracing colour on an intimate realized way? Are you ready to move beyond the commercial, and seek out natural fabrics and dyes in some incredible blankets and shawls and towels that you will cherish?

Then the items offered here by Indigo Moon are what you deserve now. Colours to inspire. Comfort to touch and wrap around you. Warmth and quality that transcends time.

Creating from a place of “weaving meditation” Trish draws on the vibrant colours of her garden, and sky, and sea, and forest around her on an island in British Columbia, Canada. ” I have been about this art for almost twenty years and feel tremendously blessed that I get to create beautiful things that bring people joy.”

These are precious comforts that you will delight in for years and years to come. A joy to give, and a joy to receive.

Handwoven Merino Wool scarves in Celestial Blue

“In my life. I try to be mindful as much as I can and in my shop you will find handwoven textiles and yarns dyed with this practice of mind.” Trish

Handwoven tencel scarves in vibrant jewel tones