Mindful Plant-based Weaving and Hand dyed Knitting Yarns

Handwoven Merino Wool scarves in Celestial Blue

My life’s work is to be mindful in everything I do and in my shop you will find handwoven textiles and yarns dyed with this practice of mind. My practice is not just sitting on the cushion, as my precious teacher Thich Nhat Hanh has said over and over again it’s about bringing mindfulness to everything we do….and in my shop you will find handwoven textiles and yarns dyed with this in mind. When I dye I use commercial grade dyes for all the items where it does not specify “natural dyes” so you can be assured that the colours with be fast and last. Formerly the site was called Indigo Moon Yarns as I did mostly hand dyeing now I am getting back to my roots and am once again weaving textiles for you and your home…bringing mindfulness and beauty into your every day.

Handwoven tencel scarves in vibrant jewel tones


Mindful Fine Art Handweaving with Plant-based yarns (mostly) & Hand Dyed Knitting Yarns 

Using only the finest yarns for dyeing, Trish draws on the colours of her garden and the forest around her – the resulting hand dyed yarn palette is rich and jewel-like yet muted – infused with honey and earth tones.

A calm and meditative environment is essential for Trish to create.  In fact, she credits “weaving meditation”  as THE key to the beauty of her handwoven creations and the comfort it brings to those that wear – and use – them.  Trish has spent almost two decades practicing her craft and this is seen in the fine art quality of her pieces.  Her colour combinations are kind to the eyes and the textiles warm the heart.  Trish has chosen a life of simplicity – doing fewer things and doing them mindfully, with care and compassion for the earth, her self, and all sentient beings and this practice of mindfulness is seen in her work.  Since the beginning Trish has donated a portion of all sales to organizations helping those in need such as Help Animals India;  Compassion in World Farming; BCSPCA; Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine; the list goes on.

Indigo Moon yarns and handwoven textiles….rich, bold, beautiful colours…positively West Coast!