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FREE shipping within provincial Canada for the bulk buys as well as handwoven blankets and shawls and scarves. 
Creating luxurious handwoven textiles for every day and every body … and hand dyed yarns. 
Making your every day more beautiful…one piece at a time

“Let Beauty and Utility Overlap
Being beautiful should go perfectly hand in hand with being useful; just as a nice appearance shouldn’t be more important than functionality, an object with a clear purpose doesn’t have to be unsightly, either. Wabi-sabi promotes a resourceful approach by encouraging us to live with useful things we love and make home life function with as few things as possible. Investing in beautiful utilitarian objects simplifies our spaces because we end up needing fewer things to help us and make us happy.”

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Although having beautiful items for the sake of having beautiful items is nice…having beautiful items that are useful and help you increase your sense of well-being, that bring a quiet presence into your life …is what Indigo Moon textiles are made for! As the outside conventional world becomes busier and crazier all the time, going within and finding that quiet stillness within that IS peace is what our time here is all about. I’d love to be part of that journey with you. Thank you for looking at my site and taking the time to read this…and breathing. And if you find something you like here…that would be very nice too 🙂

All work is done by hand

Whether hand-stitching hems on cotton towels, hand-twisting fringes on comfy scarves, or handweaving shawls on old-fashioned floor looms, this is “slow fashion” for the body and home.

Indigo Moon handwoven textiles and hand-dyed yarns speak of comfort and quality that transcends time.  

A modest studio located on a small island in the Salishan Sea, British Columbia, Canada  is where Trish spends much of her time creating from what she calls “a place of weaving meditation”.  Trish draws inspiration from the vibrant colours of her garden, the sky, the ocean, and the forest around her as well as the simplicity and restfulness of island life.

“I have been about this art for almost twenty years and feel tremendously fortunate that I get to create beautiful things that bring people joy.”

These are precious comforts that you will delight in for years and years to come. A joy to give, and a joy to receive.

Handwoven Merino Wool scarf in Celestial Blue

Handwoven tencel scarf in vibrant jewel tones

Handwoven fabric now available!